Leonard Evers (Heerlen, 1985) is a composer and conductor. After completing a bachelor in Comparative Literature at Leiden University, he graduated with honours in Composition and Arranging at Codarts Conservatory, Rotterdam.

Leonard’s music represents elements of jazz, world music and contemporary music. His literary background makes that he is specifically passionate about writing for theatre. As a conductor Leonard is a curious ‘musician amongst musicians’, thriving on improvised, classical and contemporary music, pursuing direct, non-conformistic communication with the audience.


When I conduct I think like a composer. I try to re-discover the piece I conduct in a way that suggests the piece is created in the very moment it is performed. Conducting is an ideal counterpoint to composing since it requires fast, effective thinking and communication whereas composing is a slow process. I couldn’t envisage myself being only a composer or a conductor. Both functions complement each other and make a musician

In 2017, Leonard received the Kersjes-stipendium for emerging young conductors. Recent activities included conducting Hondenhartje (Van Geel/Magnus Maier) and The boy who grew too fast (Menotti) at the Nationale Opera & Ballet, projects with Orquestra Moderna and the Guri Symphony Orquestra in Sao Paulo (Brazil) and tours with the Ricciotti ensemble.


“As a composer I don’t like to lock myself up in my study in order to deliver a ready score. I prefer to discuss specific challenges with fellow artists and to explore the way in which my music can work in a specific context. My music has to live, also in the process of creating. This process of searching and confrontation with other ways of expression is essential in my composing and is one of the biggest sources of inspiration”

Commissions ranging from works for jazz-ensembles, orchestras and music theatre resulted in a broad collection of works with an emphasis on works for music-theatre and opera. Leonard was nominated for the Rogier van Otterloo Award in 2017. His music for Krabat (music theatre with the Ulrike Quade Company) received the Best Music Award during the The International Puppet Theatre for Adults Festival in Stara Zagora (Bulgaria). Gold!, an opera for youth based on a popular tale, is one of the most performed contemporary opera’s for youth in German language.

Recent commissions include a new opera for Opernhaus Zürich (Switzerland), music for De Terugkeer a Dutch televisionseries; humanoid, a science fiction opera in commission of Theater Winterthur and Konzerttheater Bern; Kriebel, a music theatre piece for toddlers in

collaboration with Oorkaan, Philharmonie de Luxembourg and the Dutch National Opera and an orchestral work for the Ricciotti Ensemble.


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Artistic Creative

“I cannot hear music out of context. Music starts to live when confronted with an audience. Therefore I feel the necessity to re-think the context in which music is performed and to include this in my work as an artist.”

From 2013-2018 Leonard was the artistic director and conductor of the Amsterdam-based Ricciotti ensemble. With the Ricciotti ensemble, Leonard brought symphonic music to places where it is not commonly heard.

As an artistic developer, Leonard is involved in re-thinking the artistic identity and concert programming of Cappella Amsterdam, one of the leading chamber choirs in The Netherlands.

Leonard is the artistic director of Orquestra Moderna (Sao Paulo, Brazil). The orchestra is innovative in creating surprising concert programs and inclusive artistic/social projects. The orchestra received the Prêmio Cidadão SP in 2018 for their social inclusive projects.

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Leonard Evers

Email: leonard@leonardevers.nl

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