About Leonard Evers

“In every composition I search for the most appropriate language(s) to express what I have to say. The musicians who are performing the piece are often a major inspiration for the piece I write. I like to envisage them playing the piece, the way they make phrasings, the colour of their tone and the faces they make while playing the piece. This is why I like to work with (improvising) musicians with different backgrounds. They all make a very distinct contribution to my music”

Leonard Evers (Heerlen, 1985) graduated with honours in composition and arranging at Codarts Conservatory Rotterdam. Additionally, he studied Comparative Literature at Leiden University. The music of Leonard represents elements of jazz, world music and contemporary music. His literary background makes that he is specifically passionate about writing for theatre.

cropped-483325_323449074407552_2020057292_n.jpgDuring the years Leonard wrote orchestral scores, choral-music, jazz, music for theatre and music for film. Compositions and arrangements of Leonard Evers have been performed over the years by artists and ensembles such as the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, Gelders Orkest, Residentie Orkest, Rotterdams Philharmonisch Orkest, Ensemble Windstreken, Nederlands Kamerkoor, Jeune Choeur de Paris and the Ricciotti Ensemble.

With theatre Sonnevanck Leonard made Gold!; an opera for children. This opera has been published by Boosey & Hawkes and since then has had many succesfull performances throughout Germany and the Netherlands. With Oorkaan and the Ulrike Quade Company Leonard made the music-theatre piece Krabat, which received the ‘best music award’ during the The International Puppet Theatre for Adults Festival in Stara Zagora (Bulgaria).

“As a composer I don’t like to lock myself up in my study in order to deliver a ready score. I like to discuss specific challenges with a director, text-writer, actors and musicians and to experience the way in which music can work dramaturgically. My music has to live, also in the process of creating. This process of searching and confrontation with other ways of expression is essential in my composing and is one of the biggest sources of inspiration”

Leonard Evers credits W. NooitgedachtSince 2013, Leonard is conductor and artistic director of the Amsterdam-based Ricciotti Ensemble. The Ricciotti ensemble is an orchestra comprised of 41 young musicians. Its goal is to bring quality symphonic music to places where it is not commonly heard. With the Ricciotti Ensemble, Leonard performed in the Netherlands, Germany, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Brazil. As a conductor he worked with soloists such as Rosanne Philippens, Rita Yahan-Farouz, jazz-trio Kapok, Ellen ten Damme, Ceumar and many others.