Ricciotti logoOctober 2016: Tour Ricciotti Ensemble to Brazil

The Ricciotti Ensemble will visit Rio de Janeiro, Penedo, Itanhandu and São Paulo from 13 to 28 October 2016. We’ll perform everywhere, for and with practically everyone giving an average of 5 performances a day. Before the actual tour, we’ll be involved in several workshops in Rio de Janeiro in co-operation with youth orchestras, bloco de carnaval and social institutions. As a conductor I got the incredible opportunity to explore the beautiful and endless world of Brazilian music. We’ll play music from Nepomuceno, Villa-Lobos, Nunes Garcia, Miquez to Mendes, Ivone Lara, Hermeto Pascoal and Funk Carioca. Singer-songwriter Ceumar will be our special-guest this tour. Please visit www.ricciotti.nl for latest news and more information.