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HUMANOID World Première 21 February 2019 Theater Winterthur | 14 March 2019 Konzerttheater Bern

2037: Programmer Jonah is experimenting with androids. His partner Vivienne, killed in a tragic car-accident, is replaced by an exact android reproduction programmed with a memory recalling all the precious moments of the past. Jonah can not deal with this traumatic memories and decides to replace the android Vivienne for a new one; Alma. Alma’s memory can be erased every night. A playing child secures Alma’s memory-data on another android’s hard drive. In order to play with Alma the child questions several matters and thus triggers a sense of freedom with Alma. This leads to a total loss of control for Jonah. Which feelings are real, which are programmed? A deadly game between humans and Android begins…

An opera for an audience from 13 years and older commissioned by Konzerttheater Bern and Theater Winterthur. Libretto Pamela Dürr.

Current production Sebastian Schwab conductor | Cordula Däuper director. For complete list of performances please visit this link.

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Gian Carlo Menotti The boy who grew too fast 3 – 15 May 2019 Dutch National Opera & Ballet

What do you do when you are different from everybody else? Try not to stand out? Or ignore what others think?

The boy who grew too fast is an opera for children ages 6 and up about belonging and being yourself. The performance is sung and acted by adult singers and a children’s chorus.

Poponel doesn’t fit in with his classmates. He is growing so fast that all the other children tease him for being too tall. But he finds a solution: a professor who has a machine that can make Poponel small again. There’s only one condition. From now on, Poponel has to behave just like all the other children. Will Poponel be able to fit in with everybody else? Or is he destined to be different?

Opera for an audience from 6 years and older written by Gian Carlo Menotti in 1982 for Opera Delaware.

Leonard Evers conductor | Maria Lamont director. For complete list of performances please visit this link.